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I have conversations with myself.

I want to talk about cell phones. I think they are useful, and I don’t think they are used properly. My evidence is anecdotal in nature, but I don’t think this would be interesting if it were factual.

I used to be in plays at my high school. It really changes your perspective on what’s going on in a play. For every few people onstage, there are at least a few people flipping out backstage. Then there are the people who aren’t performing that night, if you have multiple casts. For us, that meant we showed up and goofed around silently in another room.

We mainly played games. Truth or dare was off the table, as “dare” usually entailed making noise, so out of necessity, we played truth or truth. It was my favorite thing, as I’m usually prepared to divulge every detail of my life at the drop of a hat. It also gave me the chance to ask the weirdest question that I could think of. “If we were all trapped on a desert island with no food, and you were forced to do so, who would you eat first from this group.”

I was a strange kid.

The final play I did, something changed in the game. Somebody brought their cell phone, and they had a “truth or dare” app. We used that instead of coming up with the questions ourselves. All the questions were about sex. Most of the theatre kids humped like bunnies but as the math geek… you get the point. All the embarrassing questions were replaced by methodically calculated smut. It was intimate, but no longer personal. Cell phones had taken away one of my favorite things.

I had an itch on my back, and a reputation for being a tad eccentric. Back in high school, I attempted to itch my back using the back of my chair. It didn’t look very good on video. I immediately told the person who shot the video to delete it, but he was a jerk, so nothing happened. I found out, a few days later, that the video had made the round to YouTube. I asked him to take it down, then I got YouTube to take it down. What a nuisance.

What is it about people that feel it’s ok to record others when they’re at their worst? Don’t they realize that no one in that situation escapes alienation? Lots of people don’t like the guy who embarrasses others. We don’t see the nice people, because they’re smart enough not to be associated with the assholes. I assure you, however, they are there. I also assure you, if you take any pleasure in sharing the humiliation of others, whether it’s with videos or the like, you’re one of the assholes too. It’s not a fact, but it is the truth.
Little-Red-Hat Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
In terms of literary value, I see this as a well-written, memoir-like vignette. Both the grammar and style are good.

As a scriptwriter/former drama student, I can completely relate to your presentation of the on-stage and off-stage "worlds" during performances. I also know what it's like to be the geek in the group. This story is clearly very stark and personal, so kudos to you for sharing it. Its message is very clear, and is an excellent message to send out. Personally, I use my phone to record myself reading script lines, to help me rehearse, but phone cameras have certainly become a misused facility. 

Great piece.
shehrozeameen Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
There is nothing to critique here. Its blunt, seems personal, and talks about cell phones in a light which is meant to be known (and in fact should be known). Well told, and this work in particular was food for thought.

Definitely something that reminds me of the importance of my cell phone - all I use it for is making notes :P
StevenGilby Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Student Writer
 “If we were all trapped on a desert island with no food, and you were forced to do so, who would you eat first from this group.”
That made me laugh :lol:

I've only read two pieces, but I rather like your work. It seems thought provoking and humorous, which is always a good combination =D
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